The scope of Services as described below, and is divided into Stages 1–6.

  1. Basic Services

Stage 1 – Design Brief / Lighting Strategy:

a. Attend Briefing / Inception meetings.

b. Assist others with the development of the Lighting Brief.

c. Assist others with the preparation of the Lighting Budget. d. Produce feasibility and/or design reports.

Stage 2 – Concept

 a. Attend Design Workshops / Design Team Meetings / Presentations.

b. Carry out conceptual lighting design studies.

c. Produce presentation materials to convey the overall design intent.

 d. Assist others in checking that the lighting scheme is within budget.

Stage 3 – Design Development

a. Attend Design Workshops / Design Team Meetings.

b. Carry out further development of lighting design.

c. Prepare Preliminary Lighting Layouts.

d. Prepare Preliminary Lighting Equipment Schedule.

e. Prepare Preliminary Lighting Details (where applicable).

f. Prepare Preliminary Control Intent.

g. Prepare Logical Control Channel Schedule.

h. Carry out typical Preliminary Lighting Calculations.

i. Assist others in checking that the lighting scheme is within the approved lighting budget.

Stage 4 – Technical Design and Production

 a. Attend Design Workshops / Design Team Meetings / Mock-ups.

b. Provide assistance to others with the co-ordination of the lighting design.

 c. Prepare Final Lighting Layouts.

 d. Prepare Final Lighting Equipment Specification.

 e. Prepare Final Lighting Details (where applicable).

f. Prepare Final Performance Specification for the Lighting Control System.

g. Prepare Final Logical Channel Schedule.

 h. Prepare Pre-Programming Schedule.

 i. Comment on the final coordinated construction drawings (as provided by others).

Stage 5 – Construction

a. Attend Contract Meetings / Reviews / Mock-ups.

b. Comment on Contractor’s and/or Manufacturer’s drawings, details and specifications.

c. Respond to Requests for Information (RFI’s) and Design Change Orders.

d. Respond to Value Engineering.

e. Review and Comment on ongoing lighting installation.

Stage 6 – Hand Over

a. Attend Contract Meetings / Reviews / Focusing / Programming / Defects Meetings.

b. Review final lighting installation.

c. Direct the focusing of installed lighting scheme where applicable.

 d. Direct the programming of installed lighting scheme where applicable.

e. Assist others in preparing schedules of defects.

Important Note

This proposal assumes that the Architect (or other Lead Designer) and Electrical Engineer, maintain their usual role and responsibility for the co-ordination of the design and supervision of the lighting installation on site. Stage 4 information is for use by the Architect and Electrical Engineer in the preparation of the construction/tender documentation.  The Lighting Designer’s drawings, specifications and other information is not to be issued direct to the Contractor as tender or construction information.

  •  Optional Services

The following Services are specifically excluded from this Appointment but can be provided upon request:

•  Building Information Modelling (BIM) and related services.

•  Computer Generated Images (CGI) and animations.

•  Sunlight design and studies including the hire of testing facilities.

•  Design, supervision, construction, testing and evaluation of mock-ups and/or models.

•  Design development of custom designed luminaires.

•  Formal review or evaluation of final building contract or tender documents.

•  Review and checking of proposed substitute luminaires, as selected by others.

•  Obtaining project related quotations from lighting manufacturers.

•  Shop and field inspections.

•  Whole life cost and running cost reports.

 •  Final lamp schedule for the Client’s building maintenance staff.

•  As built / installed drawings (to be provided by the Electrical Engineer or Contractor).