We have developed a unique process that ensures that creativity is matched by the discipline necessary to see our projects realized.

Brief development: Developing the lighting brief with our clients is an essential part of coming up with creative solutions. Our approach considers the unique qualities of the project and explores the role that light and darkness can play.


Each concept carefully considers the experience we create for people alongside image, function and the practical considerations of costs, buildability, ease of maintenance and the sustainability of the design.


 We pride ourselves on being able to explore and communicate our ideas with our clients through sketches, models, images, words, diagrams and animations.


 We work very closely with the client’s design team to find concepts and solutions which enhance the core values of the project. Workshops and dialogue are essential part of this process.

Design development:

Design development turns conceptual ideas into design details and suggestions for lighting equipment and material finishes. Early dialogue with the design, construction and maintenance teams results in improved integration and application of light into the project. Mock-ups and tests demonstrate the intention of the design and help inform the construction process.


 Attention to detail throughout the technical design and production process results in comprehensive packages of drawings, specifications and associated documents which are then incorporated into construction documentation.


We support the construction team, including attendance on site, and quick responses to coordination and installation issues. Through continual evaluation of the scheme and assisting with commissioning, programming and focusing of the lighting systems we ensure the delivery of the lighting concept. We can also provide project follow up by guiding the maintenance and management teams who adopt our finished designs.